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714Web Maverick Proposal System

Here’s The Old Way Of Building Websites

  • 15 minute call to determine color and style choices.
  • Wireframes and mockups are sent to client for approval.
  • Client approves, (not sure what he or she is actually approving) and the website is built.
  • Client doesn’t see how the website is going to accomplish his or her needs, achieve goals, or eliminate problems.
  • Client rejects website.
  • 30 minute phone call to impose revision limit on client, and reinforce timelines according to the contract.
  • Client accepts modified version of website that does not match his or her expected outcome, nor does the website help accomplish goals or reduce problems.

The Results?

Time wasted. Money wasted.

Sound familiar? That’s how most agencies do business. It doesn’t work.

Nobody wins.

Here’s The Maverick System Process

  • 15 minute call to invite client into a series of discovery meetings to determine wants, needs, goals, problems, expected outcomes.
  • MAVERICK System (a series of discovery meetings asking specific questions) is used to create a blueprint.
  • Blueprint is defined, reviewed and presented back to client in the form of a “Solution Presentation”.
  • Client modifies Solution to fit perfectly with his/her business goals.
  • Modified Solution is inserted into a prepared proposal, which is presented in person or on a video call, with projected investment costs, information about the team that will be working on the project, information about the company and it’s processes and procedures, and information about the next steps, along with a contract.
  • Questions are answered, dates and timelines are scheduled, and next steps are planned out.
  • The website goes into production, and our team guides the client through each step.
  • The outcome is a website that is expected, designed to achieve specific predetermined goals, create opportunities, and eliminate problems.
  • The project is done at a significantly lower than expected cost, and a much shorter than expected time frame, and the client is pleased.

The Results?

Everybody wins.

We save our clients anywhere from 30% to 50% on project costs by defining the details up front with their input and feedback.

No more “Unknown Unknowns” • No more wasted time • No more wasted money

Instead, you have the custom website you need to help you achieve your goals, eliminate problems, and create the opportunities you need for your business. And we have happy designers, developers, account managers, and support team members on our end.